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So your company has upgraded computers and it's to dispose of the old ones. First thought is to remove the hard drive and erase the data and send them to a computer recycler. DO NOT DO THIS!

Most computer recyclers will take your hard drive and resale them to the public and the fact is your information is not gone. The only proven way to get rid of information on a hard drive is to physically destroy the hard drive.

Formatting, degaussing or erasing hard drives DOES NOT REMOVE YOUR INFORMATION!


Destruction Process

AmeriTex has three separate process of destroying your hard drives depending on your needs!

  1. On-Site Mobile Shredding - A truck equipped with a 125 horsepower shredder will arrive at your location and cross cut your hard drive into pieces. This is the most secure process as your hard drive will become pieces no larger than a nickel. It takes approximately 1.4 seconds to completely destroy your hard drive.

  2. On-Site Mobile Destruction - A truck equipped with a hard drive crusher will arrive at your location and crush your hard drive while punching out a two inch hole into the center. It takes approximately 6 seconds per hard drive.

  3. Off-Site Destruction - A representative will come by your office and transport your hard drives to our secure facility for destruction.

Our service will include a certificate of destruction!

An optional step is recording serial numbers. In many cases serial numbers may need to be recorded for evidence of destruction. An AmeriTex representative will record the serial number off of each hard drive and provide you with a list.

Media Destruction

Backup Magnetic Tapes, Floppy Disk, Optical Media, Zip Disk, Mother Boards and etc. can all be shredded either on-site at your location or off-site at our facility. Your material is cross cut shredded to pieces no larger than 5/8" x 2". A certificate of destruction will be provided.