AmeriTex Inc Houston

FAQ - Shredding Houston

Why should my company shred documents?

You have a legal responsibility to prevent sensitive client or employee information from falling into the wrong hands. Our secure document destruction service helps you meet this obligation. We have an office shredder.

Why should we outsource our shredding?

AmeriTex's service is typically more cost-effective than in-house shredding. Savings include the elimination of the amortized cost of shredding equipment, time-consuming sorting and shredding labor, maintenance, and disposal costs.

Paper Shredding image HoustonDo we have to remove staples, paper clips and binder clips?

No. Our heavy duty, state-of-the-art trucks will easily shred this material.

What happens to the material after it is destroyed?

All shredded material is securely recycled.

Do you screen your employees?

Yes. We seek only the highest level of integrity for all AmeriTex employees. Our employees are screened, bonded, uniformed and easily identified with a AmeriTex ID Badge.

Do you offer a certificate of destruction?

Yes. AmeriTex issues a Certificate of Destruction to document the secure destruction of your material.